Being able to rely on others, and some updates…

“No matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helped you.” -Althea Gibson

It takes a lot of your own heart and determination to get where you want to be and achieve your dreams, but let’s face it, life is rough! It also takes the help of others. God placed people in your life to help you get where you would like to be and follow the plans He has for you to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you hope and a future. You don’t have to go through this life alone, sometimes it’s hard to have a good grip. So reach out and someone will take your hand and pull you up and keep you going. Someone will be there for you. Whether it be family, friends, and or brothers and sisters in Christ. And Christ will be there with you always, every step of the way. Through the good times and bad. Period.


Christmas break
I believe we all had a wonderful break even though it went a bit too fast!

Officers retreat & club changes
The officers came together for a handful of hours at the beginning of the semester to refresh, come up with new ideas for the club, and plan for the Spring. It was both enjoyable and productive. We came up with some new small groups for the girls and lovables in club. Great variety and quite entertaining! Remember, if any other girls want to start up a small group, go for it! 🙂
Here are the groups for the semester:
Bible Study: Monday & Thursday @ 9pm – Contact: Brooke Courtney
Kickin’ with the Prez: Tuesday @ 6pm – Contact: Alexis Gentry
Coping with Singleness on a Ring by Spring Campus: Thursday @ 7pm – Contact: Haley Bartlett
Crochet w/ Courtney: Wednesday @ 3pm – Contact: Courtney Erickson
Wellness Support Group: Wednesday @ 8pm – Contact Nicole Shenefield or Ashley Richardson
Serious Relationships Support Group: Contact: Sammi Holder


  • We decided to do a Linking L’ami each week…you don’t want to miss those!
  • Kasey Kohlmorgen has become an advisor for L’ami! We look forward to what she’ll bring to the club…being an alum L’ami lady she probably missed us anyway! 🙂
  • Everyone has a clean slate this semester in reference to attendance and service projects, take advantage of that and stay up with what’s going on ladies (and gents) because you’re all important in contributing to this group. Don’t let it pass you by! Or you’re gonna miss out.

TFT (Teetering for Tots): We’re helping out our brother club Novus Dux (More About Novus Dux & TFT) put on their annual fundraiser for a chosen organization, and this year they’ve chosen Miriam Project in Anderson, Indiana (About Miriam Project). They, we, and anyone on campus can come to the enormous white tent in Smith/Martin/Rice Courtyard to teeter on a large teeter totter with bucket seats! Teetering goes on for 100 STRAIGHT HOURS. So PLEASE feel free to take a ride! There’s food and events going on every night!
@ TFT: L’ami will put on The Price is Right! There will games based on the show and many many prizes!
….More info on both of these to come later!

Random fact: Back to the Future was almost a Disney film. However, due to the “inappropriate” scene with Marty and his mom kissing in the car, they thought it was “too extreme” so they wouldn’t take it.

RIDDLE OF THE DAY: Give me food, and I will live; give me water, and I will die. What am I?

Answer for the previous riddle:
Your name

Until next time!


Stand out, and a little big list of updates and upcoming events…

“Each one of you has something no one else has, or has ever had: your fingerprints, your brain, your heart. Be an individual. Be unique. Stand out. Make noise. Make someone notice. That’s the power of individuals.” -Jon Bon Jovi

Sometimes we just go with the flow, and in some instances that’s okay. But remember to be yourself at all times, standing out in a crowd like a red rose among a sea of yellow ones shows your individuality, the rare way you were created. At the same time, do not do so arrogantly but confidently. God created us unique, in His image. We have original appearances that are beautiful and handsome (even twins), we think for ourselves, and we show our love for others in different ways. Never fall back into the shadows, thinking that you have nothing to bring, you have a light that should shine wherever you go.


We have a Facebook page that any member of the group can add to! Whether it be posts, pictures, videos, etc…Anything! So please post, browse, do something so the page isn’t archived! Thanks 🙂

Park Place After School Fun, October 21st
It went really well, there were about 30 kids there. Some were somewhat amusing, one being a little girl who kept singing the same Hannah Montana song, and looked to one of the L’ami ladies when she stopped singing, and said “No, I need you to keep singing.” Another child climbed David like he was a tree. The kids decided to have a toilet paper fight instead of taking part in the mummy making activity…who wouldn’t! Basically, the gym turned into the Apocalypse. Val had 3 children on her, one hanging on her arm. When we were younger we thought that dirt and worms (oreos, pudding, and gummy worms) were cool, but I guess these kids said “Ew!” and pushed it away. Supposedly the kids thought Kim Kardashian is the hottest female ever…boy do these kids have something to learn. Another boy said he was going as a pimp for Halloween…what has come of that generation? Of course there were plans to be many vampires and werewolves for Halloween, it’s kind of the cool thing to do now. As long as they don’t take it seriously…

Homecoming: L’amifidel Alumni Dinner, October 21st
In reference to alums, we only had 3, Ashley, Maleah, and Megan, but they were fantastic. Maleah explained that the Dux guys used to kidnap L’ami girls, possibly AU girls in general, and that’s how she met her husband. More on this: Dux guys would go around to any girl that was looking like a bookworm and studying hard, pick her up, and take her to Waffle House. Sounds awesome! We could’ve had more alums if the website was working for Homecoming, I guess everyone had trouble registering for events. Fingers crossed for next year! [Note to all of the current seniors: Let’s try to come back if we can :)]

Homecoming: Street Fair, October 22nd
The cake bites and apple cider were a hit! We were there in our lovely L’ami gear too 🙂

Anderson Police Department Block Party, October 26th
Super fun and 14 L’ami people showed up! The Police Department was really great, they had pizza and refreshments for all of the volunteers. People were lined up down the street, and were still lined up at 8, when I believe it was supposed to end! They went through 11 decorated car trunks with candy…sweet…ly awesome! There were 5 different bounce houses and 2 mazes. Oh to be a kid jumping on inflatable structures!

Fall into Dance, October 28th
A number of performances choreographed by lovely AU students. They were all very pretty 🙂 Lo was sassy, Cathy was workin’ it, they both were rockin their moves in their dance pieces. One of the dances included Snuggies, and I guess one was Brooke’s! Pastor Todd sang Bieber and dressed up like him…his kids were yelling for him and singing along, how cute!

L’amifidel and Novus Dux Halloween Party! October 29th
Jyllian dressed up like President Alexis, there were some crazy campfire stories out in front of the house, Courtney E. really liked the bean dip while Alexis liked the little jello shapes. Random dance parties in the living room with people in various costumes. Had many moments of entertainment!

Random fact: In England, in the 1880’s, “Pants” was considered a dirty word.

L’ami ice cream run! November 2nd
Some members and a lovable went to get some ice cream and just chat about life. Always a nice break from the not so enticing homework.

All Girl Social Club Chapel, October 3rd
We were very satisfied with how it turned out! It was lovely interacting with the ladies from the other clubs. Thanks to all who gave of their time on a Thursday night and went! We’re looking to possibly to do it once or twice next semester!

Operation WeatherizationNovember 5th
It was put on by United Way, and the purpose was to get people that have trouble paying for utilities and keeping their homes heated ready for winter. We had groups of AU students from social clubs, work projects, and Myers Hall come and help volunteer. There were also people from the community that came to help. The groups would receive boxes that had plastic wrap for the windows, caulk for the windows, we changed light bulbs that needed to be replaced, etc., and we just tried to form relationships with the people. A lot of the families desperately needed the help being given to them. The L’ami members that went, along with everyone else, had such a good time and really did a great job with the homes. At one point some of the Booster boys were on each others’ shoulders caulking the windows that were too high to reach (very funny to watch). We were proud of our L’ami girls just getting in there and doing some serious work! Our girls rock!

Animal Shelter, October 5th
It went great! Those who decided to help out arrived and walked about 10 puppies that were of course incredibly cute, but sometimes straying. What else is to be expected of puppies? 🙂 They gave all of them baths and played with them. Was it mentioned that they were cute?

Bowling! October 8th
Some L’ami ladies, friends, and a lovable bowled 3 enjoyable games! Scores were not revealed…but it was relayed that they danced like fools once the music came on. In public? Sure! No shame, they were just having a ball (no pun intended)!

Trash run at Morrison/Myers, October 9th
It got done super quick…particularly because some people stay in their rooms, aren’t present, or already took their trash out (very rare) when we yell in the hallways to offer to take out the trash…ohh well. We try! Take advantage of the opportunity friends! 🙂

These are on the calendar, but just some reminders for you all before Thanksgiving!
Club on Monday, November 14th
Zumba with Tamara in Morrison lobby!
And sign ups for food for L’ami/Dux Thanksgiving dinner @ club on the 21st.

Thursday, November 17th
Service project decorating Bethany Pointe @ 5-7ish p.m.!
Come & go as you need…there will be pizza!

Friday, November 18th
Where? Fair Commons
When? 9 p.m. – midnight!
What? Wearing a toga, refreshments, and dancing your socks off (if you’re wearing them to dance in)!
Cost? $2 OR 1 toiletry item for Dove Harbor, “a safe haven for women and children in crisis.”

Saturday, November 19th
Bethany Pointe Fall/Christmasy tree decorating!
10:30 a.m. – noon
Sunday, November 20th
Helping with loading semis with the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes!
Noon – 4 p.m.
Monday, November 21st
Thirty-One party in Morrison Hall lobby @ 6 p.m.!
If you order a bag/s, you’ll get them in time for Christmas!
Club (on the 21st): Thanksgiving with Dux! Bring your favorite dish/dessert!
Also, we’re drawing for Secret Santa Names!

RIDDLE OF THE DAY: What belongs to you but others use it more than you do?

Answer for the previous riddle: A stamp

Roller coasters, Habitat, Boxing, Haunted trails, EPIC, Running with trash, and Homecoming…

“Life can be like a roller coaster…
And just when you think you’ve had enough,
and you’re ready to get off the ride and take the calm, easy merry-go round…
You change your mind, throw your hands in the air
and ride the roller coaster all over again.
That’s exhilaration…that’s living a bit on the edge…that’s being ALIVE.” -Stacey Charter

Life is such a roller coaster at times, taking us on a ride full of ups and downs. You’ve got your highs where everything is exhilarating and going right, and you’ve got the drops that take you so low you hope that it’ll start going back up at some point. There are twists and turns, and there are times where we don’t know what’s coming next or what we should expect. It’s full of things that will be hard to handle, but you’ll make it through and by the end, you’re wanting to ride all over again.

Random fact: Each of the suits on a deck of cards represents the four major pillars of the economy in the middle ages: hearts represented the Church, spades represented the military, clubs represented agriculture, and diamonds represented the merchant class.


Welcome to the 5 new girls!
We also have a club e-mail now, so any general questions should be directed to 🙂
The photo scavenger hunt was quite entertaining. Especially the added piece of planking.

Habitat for Humanity, October 1st
There were some Lovables and some L’ami ladies that had a great time building for people in need! The day went over really well!

Boxing, October 5th

Ow ow! Look at those intimidating ladies!
Boxing at EPIC Initiatives went over really well! I wish I hadn’t had work so I could’ve brushed up on my rear kicking skills too. Regardless, people loved it and had a really good time! We may do it again in the future, maybe next semester. Remember, anyone can go anytime it’s available…for free!

Haunted trail, October 7th
Some L’ami ladies and Lovables chose a haunted trail that was…half-witted…and not scary. To say the least. But there were a few who hadn’t been on a haunted trail before and were scared, so one of the Lovables that went with their group used that to his advantage. And scared the heebie jeebies out of some of them.

EPIC Initiatives, October 8th
Some of us helped out with the organization’s event last Saturday for the community!
EPIC’s vision: “Our vision is to unite our community by improving health and well being through activities promoting discipline, education, sportsmanship, self-confidence, creativity, and social relations. We will utilize the tools of physical fitness, mentoring, and cooperation with other organizations to serve individuals regardless of age, race, or social standing.”
Even though it was a long day, overall the consensus was that it was fantastic and really fun.

  • A good amount of people participated in the the 5K run, some of which being our very own Emily Pritchett and Ashley Ledford!
  • Official Zumba instructors came in to lead some routines
  • During Zumba dancing, Matt was uncoordinated, refused to bend his knees or hips, but shook it with all he had
  • Brennan Bowman and Amberlee Shaw led some swing dancing
  • There was a frisbee cups game (that David was kind of competitive at)
  • One of the volleyball teams (which included some of our very own ladies and Lovables) won a $20 Starbucks gift card! Sweet.
  • Minus the running, Jackie was getting down on everything
  • 4 Lovables attended
  • Most of the people there were L’ami, so all still had fun, but hopefully more advertising next time will lead to more community involvement!

Trash run, October 12th
It was pretty successful, a lot of happy girls in those halls! We tend to take out more trash when we go to the girl dorms versus the guy dorms…still haven’t quite figured that one out! Ladies of Rice and Martin, we’ll be stopping by again at different points throughout the year!

Get your spirit on!! The Student Alumni Association will be announcing activities for next week if they haven’t already.
Friday, October 21st
Luminaries set up during the day
Alumni dinner @ 6pm! Come for food and good times with current and past L’ami ladies!
Saturday, October 22nd
We’ll be selling cake balls (chocolate, vanilla, and pumpkin I believe) and hot cider at the Street Fair from 10am-1pm!
We’ll also have our Snack Shack that evening prior to both Encore performances!
And we take cards now, debit and credit (the type of cards we can take will be announced next week)! Aren’t we legit?

RIDDLE OF THE DAY: What stays in one corner, never leaves, and yet travels around the world?

Answer for the previous riddle: Tomorrow or the future

Rain, Surge Week, and whatnots

“God didn’t promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way.”

There will be storms and the rain will come. Trials affect all of us and many things are out of our control. We must persevere and look to the help of those around us to support us. We are never alone. We have family, friends, possibly significant others, Christ himself, and maybe even more. You should never have to look far to find the encouragement you need. At some point the sun will return, and after it rains, I must say, the rays on any water left behind looks incredible.

Random fact: Kansas state law requires pedestrians crossing the highways at night to wear tail lights.

Surge Week!
It went fantastically. The new ladies: You are wonderful!

Tuesday night some of us enjoyed making our animal sounds during the game more than others. Such as the guinea pig in distress…you know who you are [cough…Sammi 🙂 ].

Wednesday everyone was striking in the look they had for the day. Being who we are makes us the happiest.
That night we had to walk through an obstacle course over lava. For some reason I wasn’t told this until my group was IN the lava…it’s good it was just grass.

After that we were on a different level, learning what true trust really means, in our groups and by the soccer fields. [New sisters, we forgive you for the unspoken incident of accidentally slipping during a fall of trust…we all learn and we all laugh too…it’s a night we’ll all remember ☺ We trust you!] We even had a Lovable trust our new ladies!

Thursday all you Novus Dux brothers and Lovables should’ve felt loved…you were flooded with presents. I would hope so!
That night we learned that beauty can mean so many different things and how many different ways a sister can say she loves you.

Friday we showed our L’ami pride (as did the Lovables with their legendary Llama shirts).
We served our campus through our infamous trash run, going through the dorm halls, knocking, hollering, wondering why so many boys weren’t letting us take theirs out for them. One guy was bummed because he just took his out that morning, I told him that was a good thing! One of the Lovables joined us on the run!

We played a game where we ran at each other like a massacre. Then became a pizza slice, bunk bed, teepee, backpack, just married, or the prestigious royal throne with our designated sister. My personal favorite was when Lo launched herself in the air to Shantol who caught her in a perfect “just married” pose. Click here to see a glimpse of the contest for yourself. Just wait about 5 seconds or so. [Thanks for the historical record Haley:)]

The rest of the night we had the opportunity to serve our fellow clubs and serve our sisters. (Some of you made the latter into a scavenger hunt and were out of breath when you found the officers on campus. Really funny.)

Saturday we woke up early and went with three other clubs to Highland to do some weed obliteration and mulch infiltration. Some of us got stuck by miniature thorns during the perilous weed pulling endeavor.

Now that afternoon we actually DID have a scavenger hunt, nice work ladies. We proceeded to our annual valiant fight. People were covered in shaving cream. It was epic.

That night we heard from our lovely Alum President Trista. By the end of the evening we had walked blindly with our sisters leading us, we shared our burdens and were challenged to act and to trust the support of one another. All of this under the rain. We might’ve been drenched, we might’ve been cold even around that night’s fire, but we left empowered.

Thank you all for such a wonderful week.

Here’s the video that our historian Alex made as a memoir for the week 🙂

RIDDLE OF THE DAY: I never was, am always to be. No one ever saw me, nor ever will. And yet I am the confidence of all, To live and breath on this terrestrial ball. What am I?

Answer for the previous riddle: A watermelon

Social event meetings and the upcoming Surge week…

“Opportunity does not knock, it presents itself when you beat down the door.” -Kyle Chandler

Sometimes I get overwhelmed and wonder if I’m going to reach the goals that I’m running towards. Obstacles may get in my way, whether they be metaphoric doors, people, events, circumstances, a number of other things. We all may feel this way at times, but be strong, persevere, and know that opportunity will come if you keep pushing forward. Especially with Christ at your side. Remember, He has overcome the world.


Game night
Few attended the game night activities but still had a good time chatting instead of playing games! Thanks to those who went!

Cookout with Dux!
Even in the cold and rainy weather (thank you again, Indiana), we still had an enjoyable night in the Fine Arts Breezeway filled with chatting, laughing, and eating junk food consisting of hot dogs, chips, cookies (delicious), and pop! After awhile we split up between L’ami and Dux and had some club talk. Alexis, our esteemed president, gave some great insight into the club, and some of our wonderful Loveables were in attendance! A good group of girls came, both members and also…soon to be new members, some who were checking it out, and others who were shopping around…we were glad to have all of you!

Random fact: The sound of E.T. walking was made by someone squishing her hands in jelly.

We’re about to begin what is now being called “Surge Week,” interesting new name, but I’ll take it! Everyone’s been to the meetings they wanted to go to, pondered which club they want to grace their presence with, and have chosen their suited club and submitted it to SGA.

A look at this week…

L’ami’s first meeting for the rockin’ new girls joining club will be Tuesday, September 20th at 7:30 pm in Hartung 104. You’ll receive all the need-to-know info for the week so you know times, activities, locations of those activities so you don’t traverse to the wrong place, and so forth.

1. It will be fun (because it’s what we do).
2. It will be a long week (even though it doesn’t even last 7 days).
3. We’ll laugh (This is already part of my daily routine. I’m totally in shape for this).
4. We might cry (Sometimes my crying is due to #3).
5. It will be REALLY fun (in case you forgot).
6. It will be early (but devos and breakfast together are always enjoyable).
7. It will be late (because we’re having a killer time).
8. We’ll grow in our relationships with Christ with each other (because He’s marvelous).
9. We’ll feel empowered (Because we rock. Especially when we’re together.).
10. We might get dirty (because we’re legit).
11. We’ll run (Hopefully I don’t twist an ankle…I tend to be accident prone…).
12. We’ll jump (like Michael Jordan).
13. We’ll play (like we’re kids).
14. We’ll frolic (basically #11-13 combined in one).
15. It will be one of the best, craziest, most ridiculously awesome weeks you will ever have (Seriously. That’s what’s up.).
Get excited.
And don’t forget your homework 🙂

RIDDLE OF THE DAY: There was a green house. Inside the green house there was a white house. Inside the white house there was a red house. Inside the red house there were lots of babies. What is it?

Answers for the previous riddle:
1. An embarrassed skunk
2. A zebra painted red
3. A sunburned penguin
4. A newspaper

Service meetings and other ramblings…

“Unity to be real must stand the severest strain without breaking” –Mahatma Gandhi

And we’ve felt the first wave of fall. By wave, I mean tidal wave. Didn’t really expect to go outside this weekend and break the rust off the warm gear. And it continues to get worse as the week goes on. Oh Indiana, why do you do this to us? Can we not get a gradual change instead of a 30 degree drop? Of course not.

Trash Run on Tuesday
The trash run was a success! Some fantastic new girls joined us and it was enjoyable meeting and talking to all of you! One of the most entertaining parts you’ll notice during the trash runs if you didn’t notice last night, many people who haven’t had their trash taken out by us before tend to give us responses such as “Really?” and “Seriously!” I quite enjoy the surprised reactions every time and always enthusiastically respond with “Seriously! Bring it on!” I also like yelling in the halls and knocking on all the doors just for kicks. And all the while asking if anyone has trash they need taken out. But that’s beside the point.

Random fact: In the early days of the telephone, operators would pick up a call and use the phrase, “Well, are you there?” It wasn’t until 1895 that someone suggested answering the phone with the phrase “Number please?”

Repairing Bricks on Thursday
Thank you to all the girls and guys who helped even through the misting (and irritating) rain! The story of the afternoon: some friends of one of the members looked at her curiously as they were walking past and asked what she was doing, so she told them that we were replacing bricks. After they left we came up with a few other responses we could give people, such as “Playing in the dirt!” “Hammering the ground!” or my personal favorite, “Wreaking havoc and destroying the brick walkway up to Decker right in front of everyone in broad daylight!” Needless to say, I think we all had a good time and were successful, receiving compliments by people walking past who recognized what we were doing!

NEXT WEEK: Social Meetings
Monday, September 12th @ 5:30 p.m. :
We will have a game night out on the lawn by Fine Arts in the valley.
Wednesday, September 14th @ 7 p.m. :
We will have a cookout with the Dux boys (meaning guys, yes, you’re welcome to join!) in the Fine Arts Breezeway.
Come to one, come to both! By any means do whatever your little heart desires, just come hang out with us! And hopefully the weather is better so you aren’t chased away..

That is all for now.

RIDDLE OF THE DAY: What is black and white and red all over?

Answer for the previous riddle (my apologies if it was too easy): A cold.

Return to school, officers training, and the coming interest meetings…

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” –Proverbs 29:18

School has officially begun.  We’ve officially experienced the insanity that is now the Marketplace since it seems no one has class at noon…so they all go to lunch.  Chapel at 11 seems to be a nice change thus far.  They’ve broken ground by Fine Arts for the Performance Hall so no more entering on the east side.  Let’s see how long the construction takes.  Since the idea of a new Student Center hasn’t even reached the point of breaking ground yet…so to all you new freshmen, if they said you’ll have a new Student Center by your senior year, don’t hold your breath.

We had a long but successful officers training the Saturday before the start of school.  It consisted of a couple of games (the tank game being the most amusing), a great talk about leadership by East Side Church of God’s youth pastor Mark Shaner, review of new rules and procedures for Surge week and the upcoming year, and splitting off into our various officer roles to gather new ideas from experts in the area or just one another.

A new addition this year will be two, count them two, interest weeks.  One interest week for service meetings and another interest week for social meetings.  Should be good!  It will also give more opportunities for more lovely ladies to attend our interest meetings 🙂  In reference to the service meetings, one will be on Tuesday, September 6th from 8-9 p.m., meeting in the FARTS Breezeway, and we’ll be doing a trash run with our brother club Novus Dux!  The second service meeting will be on Thursday, September 8th from 4-6 p.m., meeting in the Decker Breezeway, and we’ll be repairing bricks.  More to come next week regarding the social meetings!

RIDDLE FOR THE DAY:  What can you catch but not throw?

Updates from the world of L’ami

Semester II ladies, here we go.

Let’s dive right in. Welcome back, Merry Christmas and Happy late New Year. Hope every second of the Holidays were positively delightful.

Here are some things to keep in mind this week:

#1. Prayer Requests have been recently emailed to all of you

#2. Encore snack making and shack working (looked like a lot of girls signed up to bake, but more may be needed to work the shack. Contact Alexis ASAP)

#3. Price is Right info is coming up! We are doing more fundraising….if you have questions contact Ashley. This is such a fun event

#4. Keep your calendars open this weekend; there is a possible all women’s service project Sunday or Saturday. More info to follow from Ms. Emily

#5. There’s a home basketball game this Wednesday. Odds are Colleen will be there. Facebook her….and she may let you sit in or near her cheering section…wear helmets and mouth guards–Colleen owns an original AU foam finger.

#6. Audrey’s birthday is on FRIDAY!!!!!

#7. Trista is cute.

#8. Amanda Bray knows a “that’s what she said” from Voice Acting class that is TOO vulgar to ever publish via web or announcements on Monday.  You may approach her for more information.

#9. Consider a L’amifidel Spring Break trip with us! We are looking at Inner City Impact, Campus Crusade for Christ and United Way projects!

Welcome back old memebers, Hello to Alumni!

To those 2010 returning members of L’amifidel we say hello! Your officer team is thrilled to get this year up and running!

To those alumni who are reading, thank you, for taking the time to find out more about what L’amifdel is currently doing. If you would like to add your name to a master alumni list forward your key information (name, address, phone, email, grad year) to Colleen Dillon at More updates about the homecoming dinner will be found right here so please stay tuned.

We would LOVE to meet you and LOVE any information you could spare about this amazing social club.


Summer VAcATion!

It’s summer. So we, the officers of L’amifidel, are all in differeing places working and probably scraping to get by and pay our cell phone or H&M bills. But, while we’re scraping away at work and internships and beach lounging, we are also PLANNING. LOTS. OF. THINGS.

Keep your eyes open and your fingers ready to type in because we have a heat of information that will be coming your way.