“Each one of you has something no one else has, or has ever had: your fingerprints, your brain, your heart. Be an individual. Be unique. Stand out. Make noise. Make someone notice. That’s the power of individuals.” -Jon Bon Jovi

Sometimes we just go with the flow, and in some instances that’s okay. But remember to be yourself at all times, standing out in a crowd like a red rose among a sea of yellow ones shows your individuality, the rare way you were created. At the same time, do not do so arrogantly but confidently. God created us unique, in His image. We have original appearances that are beautiful and handsome (even twins), we think for ourselves, and we show our love for others in different ways. Never fall back into the shadows, thinking that you have nothing to bring, you have a light that should shine wherever you go.


We have a Facebook page that any member of the group can add to! Whether it be posts, pictures, videos, etc…Anything! So please post, browse, do something so the page isn’t archived! Thanks 🙂 http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=5228418692

Park Place After School Fun, October 21st
It went really well, there were about 30 kids there. Some were somewhat amusing, one being a little girl who kept singing the same Hannah Montana song, and looked to one of the L’ami ladies when she stopped singing, and said “No, I need you to keep singing.” Another child climbed David like he was a tree. The kids decided to have a toilet paper fight instead of taking part in the mummy making activity…who wouldn’t! Basically, the gym turned into the Apocalypse. Val had 3 children on her, one hanging on her arm. When we were younger we thought that dirt and worms (oreos, pudding, and gummy worms) were cool, but I guess these kids said “Ew!” and pushed it away. Supposedly the kids thought Kim Kardashian is the hottest female ever…boy do these kids have something to learn. Another boy said he was going as a pimp for Halloween…what has come of that generation? Of course there were plans to be many vampires and werewolves for Halloween, it’s kind of the cool thing to do now. As long as they don’t take it seriously…

Homecoming: L’amifidel Alumni Dinner, October 21st
In reference to alums, we only had 3, Ashley, Maleah, and Megan, but they were fantastic. Maleah explained that the Dux guys used to kidnap L’ami girls, possibly AU girls in general, and that’s how she met her husband. More on this: Dux guys would go around to any girl that was looking like a bookworm and studying hard, pick her up, and take her to Waffle House. Sounds awesome! We could’ve had more alums if the website was working for Homecoming, I guess everyone had trouble registering for events. Fingers crossed for next year! [Note to all of the current seniors: Let’s try to come back if we can :)]

Homecoming: Street Fair, October 22nd
The cake bites and apple cider were a hit! We were there in our lovely L’ami gear too 🙂

Anderson Police Department Block Party, October 26th
Super fun and 14 L’ami people showed up! The Police Department was really great, they had pizza and refreshments for all of the volunteers. People were lined up down the street, and were still lined up at 8, when I believe it was supposed to end! They went through 11 decorated car trunks with candy…sweet…ly awesome! There were 5 different bounce houses and 2 mazes. Oh to be a kid jumping on inflatable structures!

Fall into Dance, October 28th
A number of performances choreographed by lovely AU students. They were all very pretty 🙂 Lo was sassy, Cathy was workin’ it, they both were rockin their moves in their dance pieces. One of the dances included Snuggies, and I guess one was Brooke’s! Pastor Todd sang Bieber and dressed up like him…his kids were yelling for him and singing along, how cute!

L’amifidel and Novus Dux Halloween Party! October 29th
Jyllian dressed up like President Alexis, there were some crazy campfire stories out in front of the house, Courtney E. really liked the bean dip while Alexis liked the little jello shapes. Random dance parties in the living room with people in various costumes. Had many moments of entertainment!

Random fact: In England, in the 1880’s, “Pants” was considered a dirty word.

L’ami ice cream run! November 2nd
Some members and a lovable went to get some ice cream and just chat about life. Always a nice break from the not so enticing homework.

All Girl Social Club Chapel, October 3rd
We were very satisfied with how it turned out! It was lovely interacting with the ladies from the other clubs. Thanks to all who gave of their time on a Thursday night and went! We’re looking to possibly to do it once or twice next semester!

Operation WeatherizationNovember 5th
It was put on by United Way, and the purpose was to get people that have trouble paying for utilities and keeping their homes heated ready for winter. We had groups of AU students from social clubs, work projects, and Myers Hall come and help volunteer. There were also people from the community that came to help. The groups would receive boxes that had plastic wrap for the windows, caulk for the windows, we changed light bulbs that needed to be replaced, etc., and we just tried to form relationships with the people. A lot of the families desperately needed the help being given to them. The L’ami members that went, along with everyone else, had such a good time and really did a great job with the homes. At one point some of the Booster boys were on each others’ shoulders caulking the windows that were too high to reach (very funny to watch). We were proud of our L’ami girls just getting in there and doing some serious work! Our girls rock!

Animal Shelter, October 5th
It went great! Those who decided to help out arrived and walked about 10 puppies that were of course incredibly cute, but sometimes straying. What else is to be expected of puppies? 🙂 They gave all of them baths and played with them. Was it mentioned that they were cute?

Bowling! October 8th
Some L’ami ladies, friends, and a lovable bowled 3 enjoyable games! Scores were not revealed…but it was relayed that they danced like fools once the music came on. In public? Sure! No shame, they were just having a ball (no pun intended)!

Trash run at Morrison/Myers, October 9th
It got done super quick…particularly because some people stay in their rooms, aren’t present, or already took their trash out (very rare) when we yell in the hallways to offer to take out the trash…ohh well. We try! Take advantage of the opportunity friends! 🙂

These are on the calendar, but just some reminders for you all before Thanksgiving!
Club on Monday, November 14th
Zumba with Tamara in Morrison lobby!
And sign ups for food for L’ami/Dux Thanksgiving dinner @ club on the 21st.

Thursday, November 17th
Service project decorating Bethany Pointe @ 5-7ish p.m.!
Come & go as you need…there will be pizza!

Friday, November 18th
Where? Fair Commons
When? 9 p.m. – midnight!
What? Wearing a toga, refreshments, and dancing your socks off (if you’re wearing them to dance in)!
Cost? $2 OR 1 toiletry item for Dove Harbor, “a safe haven for women and children in crisis.”

Saturday, November 19th
Bethany Pointe Fall/Christmasy tree decorating!
10:30 a.m. – noon
Sunday, November 20th
Helping with loading semis with the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes!
Noon – 4 p.m.
Monday, November 21st
Thirty-One party in Morrison Hall lobby @ 6 p.m.!
If you order a bag/s, you’ll get them in time for Christmas!
Club (on the 21st): Thanksgiving with Dux! Bring your favorite dish/dessert!
Also, we’re drawing for Secret Santa Names!

RIDDLE OF THE DAY: What belongs to you but others use it more than you do?

Answer for the previous riddle: A stamp

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